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The philosophy of Subash Technical Institute is to provide meaningful contribution in those areas that encompasses the overall development of the state. For this reason Subas Group has given Priority and Attention to "Education" at all levels which is one of the most important factors of general prosperity and progress. Today there is an urgent need to create a pool of foresighted professionals with commitment and education in the areas of business, industry, health-care, medicine technology etc.
The Subas Institute of Technology has become a pen name in the twin city Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. It has reckoned as a force in the areas of technical education. Keeping with this mission, we have established a Degree Engineering College to promote and Develop professional education in a state like Odisha.


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SUBAS is unique in integration professional education with social concern. It offers much more than merely academic qualification.

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Subas Institute of Technology Studies program has impacted my life by challenging me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and teaching me how to be flexible and successful in Engineering

Subas Institute of Technology Studies has taught me to develop the strong study habits and skills that I will continue to build on for my future education

I am happy to be a student of Subas Institute of Technology. It has both conductive environment as well as good teachers who are ready to teach.